PE Statement


The government has allocated School Sports Funding to improve PE provision in primary schools. At St. Luke’s Primary School we have used the funding to develop teaching and learning in PE, increase pupil participation in competitions and increase the number of extra curricular sports available.

How we spent last year’s School Sports funding of £8990

Knowsley Schools Sports Partnership – to increase participation in inter school competitions £1150
Gymnastics coach works with teachers – to improve the teaching and learning of gymnastics. £2000
Little Superstars coach works with EYFS staff – to develop the teaching and learning of fundamental skills. £1000
Extra swimming teachers for Year 3 and Year 4 swimming lessons and Top Up swimming for Year 6. £1040
Supply cover for staff to take children to competitions £ 810
Staffing costs for lunchtime change4life clubs – targeting less active children, and extra curricular sports clubs. £1400
New scheme of work -to improve the teaching and assessment of PE £350
New equipment and resources for PE and active playtimes £1240


The impact of last year’s funding

We achieved the Sainsbury’s School Games Silver Award.

More children participated in competitive sports . As a member of Knowsley School Sports Partnership we entered a greater number of inter school competitions including, boys’ football, girls’ football, gymnastics, athletics, basketball, rounders and cross country.

More children participated in a greater range of extra curricular sports activities at lunchtime and after school. These included gymnastics, athletics, boys’ football, girls’ football, judo, basketball, cricket and rounders.

Sports coaches worked alongside our teachers to improve the teaching and learning of PE.

Providing extra swimming instructors enabled pupils to make greater progress. This year more Year 6 pupils can swim 25m.

We purchased new resources to improve the teaching and learning of PE and to encourage active playtimes.

Playleaders become more active and engaged more children in physical activity at playtimes..


  • A wider variety of sports, offered to all children during PE lessons and extra-curricular sports clubs, encourage active lifestyles.
  • Change for Life clubs encourage less active children to participate in physical activities.
  • New playground equipment encourages children to be more active during playtimes.
  • Increasing the number and range of competitions within school and between schools has increased the number of pupils engaged in competitive sport.
  • Employing a sports coach has encouraged more children to become active and has raised the profile of sport in our school.

Playleaders became more active playtimes and gained leadership skills.