Topic web Y3 Autumn 1


The children have been working hard creating poems linked to Noah Barleywater Runs away. They used rhyming words to create a rhyming couplet poem.

WOW,  look at what we have created for our topic work using our history, geography and DT skills.


Year 3 topic web summer 2019

year 3 topic web updated


In pairs the children have been working on creating story maps to retell the story so far.

The children are loving the new text ‘Ice Palace’ as they have been looking at the setting of a typical village. They painted the scene of the forest in the village and here are some that will be on display shortly. The children experimented with colour mixing to create more realistic shades.


Well done to those children and families who prepared a project for Ancient Egypt topic this term. We are all excited to delve into the past and find out about the Egyptians and also visit the museum to become real life detectives! Watch this space


We have started the half term consolidating existing learning of multiplication and division but we have also been learning a new skill of using the column multiplication method. The children are working hard to master this new skill. Well done Year 3!


We have been studying  a new non fiction text called ‘Ice Palace’ with the Power of Reading scheme. The children have been getting into role and acting out the scenes read so far. Not only have they had a a chance to write about the story using instructions, notes and information texts but they have also enjoyed  ‘conscience alleys’ and freeze frames.


Spring topic web

year 3 topic web





We have been growing in science to investigate the best conditions that a plant will germinate and grow well. The children carried out a fair test and agreed on the different conditions, they predicted and decided upon the best place and here are our results


They found out that a plant needs warmth, soil, water and sunlight to grow well. Which one do you think was in those conditions? James and Diya were chosen to take them home and continue to care for them and grow some broad beans .


The children have been working very hard in maths this half term, they have been learning about multiplication and division where they have been looking at the relationship between the two operations, grouping numbers to find ‘lots of’ and sharing into groups. This will continue after the half term where the children will be building on these skills to learn more formal methods. Keep up the hard work and keep working on your times tables!!!!!!!!


Year 3 have just completed their gymnastics unit in PE. They have had so much fun learning lots of moves, formations and actions during this unit. They also rehearsed throughout to perform for a competition in their final lesson.  Well done Year 3

Look who came to visit year 3!!!!!

We were very lucky to have a visit from the one and only Elf on a shelf last week. As you can see the children were very surprised, so surprised they were in shock for quite some time. He even manages a few fortnite dances including the floss.  He also came bearing a gift of Elfwin, our class elf, who has been very entertaining to say the least. What a fun way to start the festive season.

We have also been busy in Design and Technology making some Christmas decorations for textiles. Just look at the concentration!!!!!! 

Year 3 Autumn 2 2018 Topics

Continuing on from learning about what makes us healthy, we have also been finding out about our bodies. We have been looking at our bones, their common names and will also look at their scientific names.


Humans and other animals

The children have been looking at what the human body needs to stay healthy and have spent a lesson looking at nutrition. They were investigating the nutritional value of some everyday items.

Learning about subtraction

In Maths, we have been learning about subtracting a 1 digit number from a 3 digit number and exchanging. The children have solved some problems using the base 10 method.