Welcome to Year 4’s page.

Mrs Brooks is our Teacher and Mrs Burgess- Howard is our Learning Assistant.

PE is currently on a Thursday and a Friday ( PE days are subject to change each half term.)

Home work is set on a Monday and will be expected to be returned on a Friday.

World Book Day


In Science we have been exploring states of matter. We found that Scientists have found out that all materials are made of very tiny particles. These particles are so small that we cannot see them through our eyes or even with a microscope!

The position and behaviour of the particles is different in solids, liquids and gases.

Solids stick together and vibrate, liquids stick together but behave differently by moving around. However gases don’t stick together at all and travel around individually to fill a space.


Year 4 have had a fantastic two weeks at swimming. They have all thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt lots of new skills. They will each be receiving a certificate for their achievements.

Well done Year 4 for an excellent Christmas concert.

We had the opportunity to perform for some of the parents and children in the hall. We shared a variety of our favourite songs both with and with out the bow.

Our theme for the Autumn term was the Romans. As part of our Art and DT we researched, designed, made and evaluated Roman shields and chariots. Through our English we wrote persuasive letters to persuade the Britons to join the Roman Army and stories with a historical setting. Opportunities were given for us to read a range of  texts to support our writing.


Our Science topic this half term is Electricity. We have been exploring  complete and incomplete circuits and  had to predict what we thought would happen before putting each circuit together. Once we had tried out each circuit, we had to explain how we knew that they were complete or incomplete.  We had so much fun doing this.

For the next six weeks , Year Four will have the opportunity to learn a dance routine with a Rebound Dance Teacher. Week by week they will add more and perfect their routines. The theme of the dance is Dreamcatcher. Come back soon to see how we get on.

Every Tuesday, Mrs Ali teaches us the violin. In this photograph we are learning to pluck the first four strings. We take our violins home so that we can share our learning with our families. Check back with us soon to see how we are getting on.

Through our Come and See topic ‘People’, we have been exploring our family trees and the family of God in scripture. Today we have worked in groups to act out the story of Jacob’s blessing. We performed these for our peers.