Year 6 Topics – Autumn 2017


Year 6 enjoying Grammar revision in the sunshine

World Book Day

Year 6 really enjoyed taking part in World Book Day. They shared a book with younger children in Nursery and read them some of their favourite stories. The Nursery children enjoyed coming up to the Year 6 classroom and saw it as a big adventure!

First Aid Training

Year 6 completing a first aid course ran by the British Red Cross. The children learnt essential first aid skills such as dealing with a minor burn, how to help somebody having an asthma attack and what to do if somebody is choking.

Shrove Tuesday

Year 6 enjoying some pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

Autumn Term – Merit Prizes

David winning merit prize for his progress so far during Autumn term.

Emily winning merit prize for her hard work and effort during Autumn term.

Autumn Term 2016