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Welcome to St Luke’s school website.

It is intended to provide up to date information about policies, procedures, organisation and help give a further insight into our school.

Our mission statement is at the centre of everything we do.

‘We follow in the footsteps of Jesus, as we live, love and learn together’

Based on our Catholic faith and Gospel values the aims of our school are to:

  • provide a welcoming, safe, Christian environment and to promote the best atmosphere for learning;
  • provide a broad, balanced curriculum delivered in a creative, sensitive and structured way to develop each child’s full potential;
  • invite opportunities for the school family to develop their own spirituality and tolerance of other races, cultures, creeds;
  • encourage everyone to see personal development as something which can continue throughout life;
  • enable pupils to play an active and positive role in society;
  • develop and foster sound, supportive relationships between all those involved in the life of the school community.

Mr A Crist
Head Teacher