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SEN Co-ordinator (SENCO) – Mrs J. Andrews

Correspondence for the attention of Mrs Andrews is:

Tel: 0151 477 8580


St. Luke’s aims to be an inclusive school which meets the needs of all pupils.  Inclusion is about the presence, participation and achievement of all pupils.  Inclusion is concerned with the identification and removal of barriers.  The Special Needs Policy of St. Luke’s is a reflection of the Special Needs Code of Practice.  Our policy and practice follow Knowsley LEA guidelines in identifying, assessing and providing for pupils with special educational needs.  The school has a successful and soundly based system for monitoring and record keeping.  St. Luke’s uses the services of several external agencies including Knowsley Southern Support Centre, Speech Therapist and Educational Psychologists.  At St. Luke’s we also welcome children with English as an additional language and use the EAL services to provide extra tuition.  Special Educational Needs covers all pupils including, for example, Gifted and Talented children and children with learning difficulties.  We aim to provide a caring supportive environment for all our pupils.

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