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School Uniform

St. Luke’s school children are expected to wear uniform of which we are proud.

Names should be clearly marked on all items.

The school carries a small stock of personalised uniform with the St. Luke’s logo on, or you can purchase it on-line at  Uniform order forms and price lists are available at the school office.


  • Pale Blue blouse
  • School tie
  • St. Luke’s navy blue cardigan  / jumper
  • Summer Light blue gingham dress
  • Winter Grey skirt or grey/black trousers


  • Pale Blue shirt
  • School tie
  • St. Luke’s navy blue jumper
  • Summer Grey school shorts and Pale blue polo shirt (if desirable)
  • Winter Grey trousers

The school also requires the wearing of sensible black shoes.

Trainers are NOT acceptable.

P.E. Uniform (to be in school every day)

  • Navy shorts
  • St. Luke’s light blue P.E. T-shirt/ St.Luke’s navy blue football style shirt
  • Black slip on pumps / trainers may be worn outside
  • Draw string bag
  • P.E. kit bearing the school logo is available from the school office.

In the interests of safety, children are asked to bring to school only P.E. bags, reading bags and lunch boxes.

We have introduced a Nursery uniform of red sweatshirt, navy polo tshirt and navy jogging trousers.

All items of clothing should be marked with your child’s name.  Whilst this will not prevent loss, it can help when enquiries are being made about missing items.  Parents should check that their own Household Insurance Policy (Contents) covers all items of personal property whilst in school.  Neither the school nor the Local Authority has insurance which will cover your child’s property in the event of its being lost or stolen; nor does the school have any unofficial funds which can be used to cover any loss that may occur.

All uniform items can be purchased from our local supplier details are:

Unit 22
Sinclair Way
Prescot Business Park
L34 1PB
Tel: 0151 426 1813

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