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School Rules

In St. Luke’s there are very few rules.  The purpose of the rules is to develop the character of the pupils, to respect their own person and belongings, and to respect other people and their property.  Children are given various responsibilities and encouraged to show self-discipline.  St. Luke’s is a caring and happy school where the pupils feel safe and welcome.  The guiding principles behind the school’s attitudes to discipline are contained in the booklet “Our Code of Conduct”.

For good work, helpfulness, success, effort and other qualities, the children are praised verbally or in writing, offered commendations and mentions at school, house or year group assemblies.  Certificates of merit are awarded.

Every effort is made to maintain a happy working atmosphere but children do need to be reminded and taught good behaviour, school rules, respect towards each other etc.

Grave breeches of discipline are reported to the parents and their immediate co-operation is sought.  In accordance with the law, corporal punishment is not used, nor are children kept in beyond normal school hours.

We do expect teachers, during school hours, to behave towards their children in “loco-parentis,” that is, with the same sense of care and responsibility as their parents.  In which case, it is only to be expected that teachers will act as any normal parent would in the maintenance of discipline.

Serious offences of vandalism, bullying, stealing, truancy, over-aggressive behaviour and verbal abuse to staff and members of the public, may result in temporary exclusion from school or a report to the School Governors.

In extreme cases, the Headteacher may suspend a child from attendance at school.  Parents are always informed in writing and this action is always reported to the Chairman of Governors and the Director of Education.


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